Nashua man arrested on felony firearm charges

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NASHUA –– A local man was arrested on a felony warrant and charged with criminal threatening and reckless conduct with a deadly weapon, Nashua Police Department reported.

Peter Waddell, 56, of Marquis Avenue, was arrested after officers responded to a report of a man threatening people with a firearm on Lovell Street on September 30.

Waddell was identified as the suspect in the investigation, which led to detectives obtaining an arrest warrant.

Waddell has been charged with one count of criminal threatening with a deadly weapon, specifically a firearm, and three counts of reckless conduct with a deadly weapon relating to his actions with the firearm.

Following his arrest, Waddell was held on preventative detention pending his arraignment, which took place on October 2, 2023, in the Hillsborough County Superior Court-Southern District.

Authorities urge anyone with further information regarding this case to contact the Nashua Police Department Crime Line at 603-589-1665.

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