Massachusetts residents warned of scam calls spoofing state police numbers

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BOSTON — Massachusetts State Police are issuing a scam alert to residents about fraudulent phone calls appearing to come from their official numbers.

The scam involves perpetrators “spoofing” caller IDs to make it seem as if the call is coming from a Massachusetts State Police number.

Individuals have received calls where the person on the other end claims to be a member of the State Police or affiliated with the department.

In other instances, the caller hangs up immediately after the phone is answered.

Authorities confirm these calls are not legitimate and emphasize that the State Police are not currently running any fundraisers, nor do they solicit funds over the phone for any reason.

Residents are urged to hang up immediately if they receive such a call and to avoid sharing any personal or financial information.

To ensure that a charity is legitimate before making a donation, the State Police advise checking with the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s Corporation Division at (617)727-9640.

This step can confirm the validity of an organization claiming to be seeking charitable contributions.

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