Weekly Dispatch with Mayor Sullivan

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Dear Newport residents, at Monday’s Regular council meeting and then reported in the Newport Daily Express’ article on July 3, 2024, Councilman Charbaneau made a statement referring to Councilman Curtis.

“It should be apparent that the statements made by Councilman Charboneau regarding Councilman Curtis at Monday’s Council Meeting are solely his statements and that those statements are not attributable to the City or the City Council.”

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But now to get away from these habitual distractions and turn to the safety of Newport and our business at hand:

Our Police Chief is out protecting you! As reported by our Police Chief: Assault and Robbery at Passumpsic Bank- Suspect was apprehended the same day by NH State police. This was some great work by our Detective and Officers on shift to break this case. Suspect was Barry English from Nashua, NH. Wanted in NH and MA for other armed robberies. The case will most likely be adopted by the FBI.

Our hardworking Zoning Administrator reports: Municipal Tax Assessment activities have remained a central focus for my office over the past few weeks. The 2024 Abstract Grand List has been filed and those Newport residents who will experience a Change of Appraised Value have been notified via Certified Mailing. I am currently accepting formal requests for Grievance of individual property values with those hearings being scheduled on or after 07/17/2024.

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We’re looking for an experienced, part time laborer. Need to have pictures and references from previous job. Click below to call Randy at 802-323-3730 to set up an appointment.

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In addition, Newport received a formal Order of Reappraisal from the Vermont Dept. of Taxes on 6/17/2024 our Municipal Response is due by 07/16/2024. Thank you to Zoning Administrator Frank Cheney for your nonstop compliance and due diligence. You are an important asset to the City!

And who doesn’t want to hear from our fantastic Recreational Director Mike Brown:

Day Camp has started and is in full swing with 49 youth registered.

4th of July celebration on Thursday. 3:00pm-5:30pm roller rink with DJ Dave, 6:00pm-9:00pm concert by ETA, 9:30 fireworks. We will also have multiple food vendors all evening. We also plan on having our peddle boats in by next week and will offer free 30 minute boat rentals during the festivities.

VOREC grant update: E-bikes have arrived and are being assembled and will be ready for rental next week. The paddle boats and lake monster boat are ordered and will arrive soon. The replacement docks for Gardner Park are on order and will arrive by August.

Memphremagog Festival: July 26th directly following the Kingdom Games parade will have a concert in the park from 6pm-8pm with free 30 minute paddle boat rentals and food trucks.

Thank you Recreational Director Mike Brown for keeping Newport a great place to visit, live and play. Paired with our Police Chief and his team keeping Newport safe— we can have it all!

The Council Members are continuing to assess the City’s financials. As we are aware for years there has been a financial situation that the current Council is working with the Treasurer to get hold of and correct to avoid using funds from inappropriate accounts to keep the City running.

Instead, we are addressing the actions and decisions of the past years that have caused the situation and finding the appropriate solutions to be financially responsible going forward and stay compliant and operate smoothly. We will be holding a Special Council meeting next Monday to work with the Treasurer to find some of these solutions.

Newport is a gem. We are the place to not only visit, but to live and play and stay! The Council is working to move us forward and is pleased to have great partners and grants that are making this happen. It takes time, but we are moving forward. Less distractions from the Council Business of course will benefit the City. Please join us at the Council meetings and allow the Council the opportunity to carry on its business.

The Council meetings are the only time the Council get be together to conduct business. So please, while your comments are welcome, be mindful of the purpose of the comments. We have much to fix and we are benefitting by these fixes. We have excellent City Attorneys and the Council, paired with those attorneys are working hard. See you at my Mayor’s meetings!

Thank you for your confidence, your Mayor,
Linda Joy Sullivan

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