Fairfield police report spike in grocery store wallet, purse thefts

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FAIRFIELD — Fairfield Police Department warns of an uptick in wallet and purse thefts occurring at local grocery stores, with suspects employing distraction techniques to pilfer belongings from shoppers’ carts.

The department has observed a pattern where individuals, either alone or in pairs, engage unsuspecting customers in conversation or create a diversion, then quickly steal wallets or purses left unattended in shopping carts.

These thefts have been followed by the rapid purchase of high-value items, particularly electronics such as phones.

In response to these incidents, Fairfield Police advise the public to maintain vigilance while shopping and to secure their personal items at all times.

Shoppers should avoid leaving purses or wallets in shopping carts and stay focused to prevent becoming an easy target for thieves.

To further educate the community, Fairfield Police have released a surveillance video capturing one of the thefts in action.

They encourage residents to view the footage to better understand how these crimes occur and to learn preventative measures.

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