DNA identifies human remains in Cavendish as man who disappeared in 2010

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CAVENDISH — DNA testing has revealed that a human skull discovered four years ago in Cavendish is that of a man who had been reported missing in June 2010.

The remains were positively identified as Bryan Gomez of Cavendish, who was 48 years old when he disappeared.

A neighbor reported him missing to the Vermont State Police on July 6, 2010, after having not seen him since June 10.

Search efforts and ongoing investigation into his whereabouts had been unsuccessful.

In November 2020, a hunter in the woods in Cavendish located a human skull and reported the discovery to the police.

Forensic examiners were able to obtain DNA from the skull and compare the genetic profile to the siblings of Mr. Gomez.

The comparison indicated there was strong support for relatedness.

The Vermont Chief Medical Examiner’s Office determined the DNA comparison was sufficient to make positive identification, and earlier this year formally concluded that the remains were those of Mr. Gomez.

Forensic work has been unable to determine the cause or manner of Mr. Gomez’s death.

Anyone with information relevant to this case should contact Sgt.

Jason Lengfellner at the Westminster Barracks at 802-722-4600.

The Vermont State Police thanks the individuals and agencies involved in the search for Mr. Gomez over the years and the work to positively identify him, and expresses deep condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Gomez for their loss.

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