Tamworth police warn of phone scam involving fake warrants, gift card payments

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TAMWORTH — A resident’s quick thinking helped uncover a phone scam involving a person posing as a Carroll County Sheriff’s Office sergeant, Tamworth Police Department warned Thursday.

The resident received a call from someone claiming to be Sgt.

John Syvia, who falsely stated there was a warrant for their arrest.

The caller demanded $9,000 to avoid the fake warrant, instructing the payment be made through gift cards.

The savvy resident suspected foul play and contacted the police department to confirm their suspicions, effectively avoiding the scam.

Tamworth Police emphasized the sophistication of these scammers, who are equipped with persuasive scripts and tactics designed to keep victims on the phone.

Scammers have been known to intimidate their targets, pressuring them to remain on the line while they withdraw funds or purchase gift cards.

Authorities also highlighted the scammers’ ability to spoof local phone numbers and create convincing fake online profiles, complete with fraudulent photo IDs.

The police department reiterated that legitimate law enforcement officers will never ask individuals to pay to clear warrants over the phone, nor will they accept gift cards or wire transfers as payment.

The public is urged to exercise caution, hang up on suspicious callers, and block their numbers.

Tamworth Police Department reminds everyone to never send money, especially in the form of gift cards, to unsolicited callers claiming to be law enforcement or even known contacts.

These requests are almost invariably scams.

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