Wellesley residents warned of police impersonation scam

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WELLESLEY — Wellesley Police Department has issued a warning to residents about a phone scam involving individuals impersonating police officers, demanding money for alleged missed grand jury duty.

The fraudulent callers, who claim to be from the Wellesley Police, have been using the phone number 781-235-1212.

They inform residents that they have failed to appear for grand jury duty and must pay a substantial sum to avoid arrest.

Authorities have emphasized that these calls are not legitimate and are advising the public to simply hang up on the callers.

According to the police, the scammers are particularly aggressive and persistent, threatening potential victims with arrest if they do not comply with the demand for money.

The Wellesley Police Department advises anyone who receives such a call to end the conversation immediately and not to engage further with the scammers.

Residents who have concerns about the validity of a call or who feel they may be targeted by a scam are encouraged to hang up and directly contact the Wellesley Police Department to speak with an officer regarding the situation.

The department is actively investigating the scam and is asking anyone with information to come forward to assist in the inquiry.

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