Concord residents warned of phone scam impersonating police officers

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CONCORD — The Concord Police Department issued a fraud alert on March 12 after discovering a scam where callers falsely identify themselves as police officers to demand immediate payment for non-existent fines.

Residents reported receiving phone calls from individuals claiming to be with the Concord Police, alleging that the residents owe money for missed jury duty, court appearances, or unpaid fines.

These scammers are insisting that payment be made promptly to avoid arrest, requesting credit card details or other forms of payment.

Authorities have confirmed that these calls are fraudulent and emphasize that no legitimate law enforcement agency would handle citations or violations in this manner.

The public is urged not to make payments over the phone and to report any such calls to their local law enforcement agency.

The Concord Police are actively investigating the situation and encourage anyone with information related to these fraudulent calls to reach out to the Concord Police Department at 603-225-8600.

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