Trumbull police warn of ‘senior assassin’ game after scare

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TRUMBULL — Police responded to a call on April 30 involving a teenager seen with what looked like a handgun, stoking fears in a quiet neighborhood.

The incident was later identified as part of a trending high school game known as “senior assassin.”

Authorities arrived after a concerned resident reported a male running and hiding in bushes with a possible weapon.

The individual was observed exiting a vehicle, crossing the street, and concealing himself near the resident’s home before eventually leaving the scene.

Upon investigation, Trumbull police discovered that the activity was related to a game where high school seniors attempt to “assassinate” a randomly assigned player using water guns.

Participants sign up and pay a fee to enter the game, with the last one standing declared the winner.

The Trumbull Police Department is now urging parents and guardians to discuss the potential dangers of the game with their teens.

They warned against trespassing on private property, especially while in possession of items that resemble firearms, and cautioned against hiding in private spaces such as garages, homes, or vehicles.

Officials stressed that homeowners could potentially arm themselves in response to perceived threats on their property.

Additionally, the presence of any item resembling a firearm can cause alarm and may escalate an innocent game into a serious confrontation.

The police treat all reports involving firearms with utmost seriousness and remind the community to be aware that many residents may not understand the context of the game, potentially leading to dangerous situations.

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