Traffic stop in Dorchester leads to firearm recovery

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DORCHESTER — A routine traffic stop early Saturday morning led to the arrest of a Mattapan man after police discovered a firearm in his possession.

At about 3:35 a.m., officers from the Anti-Crime Unit of District B-2 in Roxbury stopped Gary Whynter, 31, for running a red light at the intersection of Bowdoin Street and Geneva Avenue.

The stop occurred near 13 Harvard Street after officers activated their lights and siren.

Upon approaching the vehicle, officers noticed the grip of a gun on Whynter’s person.

As they requested him to exit the car, Whynter attempted to reach for the gear shift, seemingly trying to flee.

The officers quickly detained him and secured a Polymer 80 firearm with a magazine holding 15 rounds, along with a spare magazine containing 9 rounds.

The two other individuals in the car were released without charges at the scene.

Whynter now faces charges of unlawful possession of a firearm, ammunition, and a large capacity feeding device.

His arraignment is scheduled at the Dorchester District Court.

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