Door-to-door counterfeit gold scam hits Morningside neighborhood

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PITTSFIELD — A scam involving counterfeit gold has been reported in the Morningside neighborhood, local police announced this afternoon.

Alleged sellers are going door-to-door, claiming they need cash for gas money. The local resident community is warned to be on alert, as at least one person has already been defrauded of a significant amount of money.

The scammers seem to be targeting individuals by traveling from door to door in vehicles bearing Texas license plates.

One of the vehicles is identified as a large SUV.

Authorities are urging residents to report any encounters with these individuals or their vehicles by calling the police at 413-448-9700.

“We shouldn’t have to say this but unfortunately we do. The gold is fake,” the police statement reads.

The police believe the Morningside scam is likely related to similar cases that have occurred throughout the country.

A similar scam was reported on Cape Cod last year, although it is not clear whether the same individuals are involved.

Authorities have urged residents to be cautious and alert, to avoid falling for this scam.

Residents are asked to notify the police immediately if they come across the suspected vehicles or if they have already had dealings with these individuals.

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