Man with prior convictions arrested for theft in Nashua

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NASHUA — A man with prior convictions for theft-related crimes was arrested for theft in Nashua on Tuesday.

Darren Killeen, 50, was arrested by members of the Nashua Police Department’s Uniform Field Operations Bureau on Tuesday night after he was found in possession of stolen merchandise from a business in the city.

Killeen was charged with Theft by Unauthorized Taking; 2 Prior Convictions, a Class B Felony.

He was also charged with a Capias Warrant originating from a Drug Court Violation with the Hillsborough County Superior Court – South.

Upon reviewing Killeen’s criminal history, it was learned that he had been found guilty of two prior convictions for theft-related crimes, which upgraded his charge to a Class B Felony.

A Class B Felony is punishable by up to seven years in State Prison, exclusive of fines.

Killeen was held without bail.

The Nashua Police Department is asking anyone with more information about this incident to contact the Crime Line at (603) 589-1665.

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