Police: 9 arrested in Nashua round-up

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NASHUA — Nine individuals were arrested in Nashua this week as part of a coordinated round-up under Operation Granite Shield.

The operation involved members of the Hudson Police Department, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, Nashua Police Department’s Narcotics Intelligence Division and Problem Oriented Policing Unit.

The suspects were charged with various drug crimes and other criminal offenses frequently associated with drug activity.

The charges ranged from possession of cocaine and oxycodone hydrochloride to aggravated felonious sexual assault.

All of the suspects were taken into custody and are awaiting their future arraignments at the Hillsborough County and Merrimack County Superior Courts.

The following individuals were arrested:

  • Ryan Blais, 31, of Nashua
  • Britteny Indoccio, 35, of Nashua
  • Tabatha Scott, 33, of Nashua
  • Miguel Saez, 58, of Nashua
  • Richard Smith, 38, of Nashua
  • Michael Hughes, 43, of Nashua
  • Michael Loaiza, 33, of Nashua
  • Samantha Gervais, 30, of Hudson
  • Nathaniel Weddle, 33, of Nashua

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