2 arrested in Brattleboro drug raid

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BRATTLEBORO — Two people were arrested following a drug raid in Brattleboro on today.

Authorities say they initiated an investigation into the sale and distribution of crack cocaine and fentanyl in the area.

This investigation was initiated due to numerous complaints from local residents about suspected drug activity at 33 Oaks Street.

Over the course of several months, police say they conducted several controlled purchases of crack cocaine and fentanyl.

On Thursday, members of the Vermont Drug Task Force, the Brattleboro Police Department, Homeland Security Investigations, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms executed a search warrant at 33 Oak Street, Apartment #4.

As a result, two people were arrested and issued citations to appear in court for the charges of sale of cocaine, and sale of fentanyl.

Steven R. Holway, is being charged with sale of Fentanyl (3) counts, sale of cocaine (4) counts.

Neilena M. Bollman, 45, is charged with sale of cocaine (1) count, sale of Fentanyl (2) counts, and as a fugitive from justice from New Hampshire for possession of Cocaine.

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