Southborough police warn of ongoing Irish Traveler scams

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SOUTHBOROUGH — The Southborough Police Department issued a warning about persistent Irish Traveler scams targeting residents, urging the community to inform their elderly relatives and neighbors of the deceptive practices.

Authorities reported an incident where on June 30 a man with an Irish accent approached a local homeowner, offering to remove ivy from her chimney for $150.

After a minimal amount of work, he falsely claimed the chimney was damaged and required $2,500 in repairs, which he generously offered to reduce to $2,000 since his workers were already on site.

When the homeowner declined the service, the man left without his ladder and did not return.

The police emphasize that these scams typically involve high-pressure sales tactics and quick talking to dupe potential victims.

Once scammers receive payment, they often flee without completing the promised work.

The department advises residents to be cautious of unsolicited repair offers and to rely on reputable businesses for any necessary construction or maintenance tasks.

Community members are encouraged to share this warning to help prevent others from falling victim to similar scams.

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