Morristown police urge residents to secure belongings amid theft rise

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MORRISTOWN — In response to a spate of vehicle burglaries, the Morristown Police Department issued a public reminder Monday for residents to take proactive steps in securing their property.

Authorities have noted an increasing trend in thefts from vehicles, with items such as key fobs, spare keys, cash, wallets, firearms, laptops, and tools being the most commonly stolen.

The police department’s press release stressed the importance of residents removing valuables from their vehicles, locking doors, and activating alarm systems.

The reminder comes as law enforcement officials report that many vehicle burglaries, and some vehicle thefts, are the result of owners leaving their cars unlocked.

Criminals are exploiting this by systematically checking vehicle doors in neighborhoods, looking for easy targets.

The police department advises the community to always remove valuables from sight, ensure their vehicles are locked when unattended, and to keep keys inside their homes to prevent theft.

They also encourage the use of exterior lighting and security systems to deter potential burglaries.

The department’s message to the public is clear: don’t let negligence be the reason for losing hard-earned belongings.

Additionally, they emphasize the ‘see something, say something’ policy, urging residents to report any suspicious activity that could prevent theft and secure the community.

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