West Brookfield police warn of ‘brushing scams’ after officer receives unsolicited package

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WEST BROOKFIELD — The West Brookfield Police Department issued a warning to residents about a deceptive practice known as a “brushing scam” after an officer received an unsolicited package containing an item of little value.

Police explained that the scam involves senders who ship packages to unsuspecting individuals to create the illusion of a legitimate transaction.

Once the item is delivered, the sender, often a third-party seller on an online marketplace, then writes a fake “verified” review to boost their product ratings and visibility.

The package received by the officer contained an item that appeared inexpensive, serving as a prime example of what residents might encounter.

The police department used this incident to illustrate how scammers manipulate online systems to gain unwarranted credibility.

Authorities are advising the community to remain vigilant when receiving unexpected parcels.

While the packages themselves are not dangerous, the practice is a form of deceit that can artificially inflate a seller’s reputation and mislead consumers.

The West Brookfield Police Department has not yet decided what to do with the item sent to their officer.

They are using this opportunity to educate the public on the importance of checking the legitimacy of online reviews and sellers before making purchases.

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