Hampton police warn of arrest warrant phone scam

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HAMPTON — Scammers are posing as local police officers and telling residents they have outstanding arrest warrants in a bid to swindle them out of money, authorities said.

The Hampton Police Department has received multiple reports over the past week of a phone scam where individuals claim to be department employees.

According to police, the scammers are using “spoofing” software that makes it appear as though the calls are coming from the department’s actual number, 603-929-4444.

Victims are told they can clear the supposed warrants by depositing cash into a cryptocurrency kiosk.

The department emphasized that it would never request payment to resolve warrants, as this is a matter handled judicially.

Residents are urged to avoid providing personal information or sending money if they receive such calls.

They should document the caller’s number and any pertinent details before reporting the incident to the Hampton Police Department at 603-929-4444 x0.

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