Weekly Dispatch with Mayor Sullivan

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As we all know, Newport is a remarkable City. It is the hub of the Northeast Kingdom and should not be the best kept secret in Vermont. Newport is more that a drive through City. It is a drive to City with natural resources that are the sirens to people to not only visit us but move here and be part of our beautiful City life.

The Council is working diligently on appropriate approvals for plans to bring to the public that include the recommends for Newport’s development. To that end we have approved partnerships and received and approved grants for getting those plans done.

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President Vachon and I, together with the Council are diligently following up on the concerns brought by our residents as well as the concerns that the Council members have. President Vachon requested a community forum and together with the Mayor, we will be addressing the latest sludge issues and other safety and health issues.

The President of the Council and I will be working on who will be on the panel. We will be holding this community forum at the Gateway. Watch for the save the date. It is anticipated to be in July. I would like to applaud the President of the Council, Chris Vachon, for making this a priority.

The Cyclo-Gourmet International Bike Tour was a great success. Cycling can become an integral part of our community if the City encourages it through a combination of proper infrastructure, a stress-free riding environment, and the right support from local authorities. The ride on the weekend set the tone for the cycling culture in Newport and Canada and showed that internationally we are partners.

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Collaborating with business partners is not just about speaking with them when there is an issue to be resolved. Rather, it is a long-term commitment, a solid work ethos, that fosters and environment of trust between organizations and people.

With today’s ever changing business climate, and big challenges for big solution, our City of Newport aligned with businesses can achieve more by collaborating. Collaboration can usher cities and businesses into success in a myriad of ways. Fighting off large scale conflicts compels everyone to cooperate.

One thing is clear, no one organization, City or person can do it alone. And that is why collaborating is inevitable as a means of achieving Newport’s most important goals. Collaboration requires commitment amongst the partners to co-create opportunities that would lead to mutual and fair benefits for all. Strategic alliances are the most important strategy to drive growth.

But successful collaborations don’t happen overnight. There is no iron-clad rule on how to collaborate. And using the word collaboration is far easier said than done. It is time to break new ground together. I would like to applaud

Council member Rick Ufford-Chase and his organization and partners for their enthusiasm and passion to achieving designated goals. I would like to applaud my fellow Council Member Clark Curtis for his dedication in wanting Newport to thrive and be in compliance with laws and regulations.

The Charter specifically charges that the Mayor shall use his or her best efforts to see that the laws and City ordinances are enforced and that the duties of all subordinate officers are faithfully performed. If the Mayor is not available, the President of the Council operates in her stead. That is why it is important that the Mayor and the President of the Council keep one another up to date on all matters of the City.

Those matters are then shared with Council members at the Council meetings in accordance with the Charter’s directive. As noted herein, the Mayor is specifically charged with seeing that all duties of subordinate officers are faithfully performed.

The Mayor is going to make it a priority to work to ensure that the duties of all subordinate officers are faithfully performed and is available and has begun meeting with subordinate officers to go over their duties and engage in discussions with such officers.

Getting Newport in legal and regulatory compliance to be able to ethically accept federal and state grants, as well as to operate with good policies and guidelines in place, makes for efficiency and a better functioning City.

I appreciate your attendance at the Mayor’s hours. Monday mornings at the Council Room from 9-11:00 AM (all residents) and Wednesday mornings at the Council Room from 9-11:00 AM. Wednesday’s are by appointment as most of those hours are for business appointments.

Again, Newport we are so fortunate. But our biggest asset is our human capital- YOU— our residents. Keeping you safe and thriving is the foremost goal.

Thank you for your confidence.
Your Mayor,
Linda Joy Sullivan

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