Salem police seek help identifying suspect in bank fraud case

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SALEM — Salem police are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying a man suspected of committing bank fraud in the local area.

The Salem Police Department released images of the suspect, albeit with the acknowledgment of their low quality.

In a light-hearted social media post, the department joked about the blurry pictures, comparing them to images of Jupiter and humorously noting that the suspect’s picture seemed to be from an era long before modern photography.

Despite the quality of the images, authorities are taking the matter seriously.

The suspect is accused of depositing a fraudulent check and then withdrawing several thousand dollars before the bank detected the deception.

The male suspect is described as being in his late 40s to 50s, Caucasian, with a goatee and a ponytail.

The police quipped that the man’s appearance might resemble a mix between fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld and actor Tommy Flanagan.

The Salem Police Department encourages anyone who might recognize the suspect or have any relevant information to contact Detective Farah at 603-890-22314.

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