Bear strikes a pose Granby

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GRANBY — A black bear was spotted striking an unusual pose atop a heart-shaped tree carving in Granby on Tuesday, delighting residents and prompting a reminder about wildlife safety from local police.

The bear climbed onto the carved wooden heart after apparently foraging for food in the area, according to a social media post by the Granby Police Department.

A photo captured by resident Jeffrey August shows the animal perched on the heart-shaped structure, appearing to pose for onlookers.

While the image drew positive reactions online, police used the opportunity to remind the public about proper behavior around wild animals.

“As beautiful as they are to look at, these bears are wild animals, and should be left as so and enjoyed from afar!” the department wrote in its post.

Bear sightings have become increasingly common in parts of Connecticut in recent years as the animals’ population has grown and expanded into suburban areas.

Wildlife officials advise residents to secure garbage cans, remove bird feeders, and avoid approaching or feeding bears.

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