Counterfeit bills circulating in northeastern Vermont

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ST. JOHNSBURY — The St. Johnsbury Police Department warned residents Tuesday about an increase in counterfeit currency circulating in the area.

Officials reported receiving numerous calls about fake bills in various denominations.

The counterfeit money can be identified by the unusual texture of the paper and the word “REPLICA” printed on the notes.

Police urged local businesses and residents to exercise caution when handling cash transactions.

They advised carefully examining bills, especially those in larger denominations.

Authorities did not specify the exact number of incidents reported or provide an estimate of the total amount of counterfeit money in circulation.

The police department is actively investigating the source of the fake currency.

Anyone with information about the counterfeit bills is asked to contact local law enforcement immediately.

Officials recommend that individuals who suspect they have received counterfeit money retain the bill if possible and contact the police department at 802-748-2314.

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