Milford police warn of multiple scam tactics targeting residents

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MILFORD — The Milford Police Department is alerting residents to a surge in scam reports, with criminals employing various tactics to defraud victims of money.

Authorities say scammers are impersonating law enforcement agencies, claiming to have arrest warrants or demanding payment for court fines.

In some cases, the fraudsters use phone numbers that appear to match legitimate agency numbers.

Another scheme involves online romance scams, where perpetrators build trust with victims before requesting money for supposed visits.

Police also report instances of scammers seeking remote access to victims’ computers under the guise of addressing criminal activity, then demanding payment to resolve fabricated issues.

A separate tactic involves callers falsely claiming a family member is jailed and needs bail or attorney fees, often requesting immediate payment.

Most scammers request payments through cryptocurrency ATMs, Green Dot cards, gift cards, or prepaid credit cards, according to the MPD.

Officials emphasize that no legitimate business or law enforcement agency will request money online or over the phone.

Residents who suspect they are being targeted should contact the Milford Police Department before sending any funds.

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