Checks stolen from Arlington mailboxes

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ARLINGTON — Multiple incidents of check theft from blue USPS mailboxes have prompted the Arlington Police Department to issue a warning to residents about the risks of using street and post office mailboxes for sending checks.

Thieves have been stealing checks and “washing” them, a process that involves altering the written details on the checks, such as the payee and amount.

The altered checks are then cashed illegally, leading to potential financial losses for the victims.

As a precaution, the police are strongly advising residents to take the extra step of mailing their envelopes from inside the post office.

They also recommend that individuals avoid mailing checks altogether and instead utilize online bill payment options when possible.

The convenience of using drive-up mailboxes is outweighed by the security risks, according to authorities.

Taking the time to go into the post office could prevent the significant difficulties and financial loss associated with stolen checks.

The Arlington Police Department is actively investigating the thefts and is asking anyone with information to come forward.

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