Bomb threat hoax campaign in Vermont

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VERGENNES — Police are investigating a bomb threat hoax campaign that took place in Vermont yesterday.

The threats were made against various critical infrastructure and key resource sectors in the state.

The threats are received via email and report, “The bombs will blow up in a few hours. Many people will die.”

These emails are sent from various accounts originating from @skiff.com.

Affected groups are encouraged to report these incidents to local law enforcement in their area.

No suspicious items or authentic threats have been discovered at this time.

These nationwide hoax campaigns are frequently reported throughout the US and cause disruption to day-to-day activities in schools, houses of worship, and businesses.

The Vermont State Police encourage Vermonters to alert law enforcement if they see a package, backpack, or any other item left unattended.

If you witness someone taking pictures of infrastructure items, access points, or other security related activities.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Vermont State Police at 802-848-8802.

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