Montpelier Police Crack Down on Speeding in School Zone

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MONTEPELIER— Local law enforcement officials conducted a directed enforcement operation on upper Main Street this afternoon, responding to community concerns about speeding in the bustling residential area.

The Montpelier Police Department reported 10 vehicles were pulled over for exceeding the speed limit, with half of the drivers ticketed for speeds over 40 miles per hour. The high speeds pose a significant risk in the area, which is in proximity to one of the local school zones.

“This kind of speed is entirely too fast for a roadway that approaches one of our school zones,” warned a representative from the Montpelier Police Department. The department stressed that such offenses could result in fines of up to $185, in addition to points on drivers’ licenses.

The police department used the occasion to remind residents and visitors to adhere to local posted speed limits, especially in school zones. They urged drivers to slow down and prioritize safety over speed. The department further confirmed that they will continue to monitor the area closely to enforce traffic rules and ensure the safety of the community.

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