Man gets jail time for faling to appear in Vermont court

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BURLINGTON – Allahjuan Calhoun, 32, of Yonkers, New York, was sentenced to one year and one day of imprisonment on Thursday for failing to appear for a final supervised release revocation hearing in Vermont.

United States District Judge Christina Reiss also ordered that Calhoun’s sentence run consecutively to any undischarged term of imprisonment that Calhoun is serving.

According to court records, Calhoun pleaded guilty in Vermont in 2020 to being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Judge Reiss sentenced Calhoun to 26 months of imprisonment, to be followed by a two-year period of supervised release.

Calhoun completed his prison term in 2021.

Soon after, the U.S. Probation Office filed a petition to revoke Calhoun’s supervised release because, among other things, he repeatedly smoked marijuana in violation of his conditions.

The court scheduled a final hearing on the motion to revoke Calhoun’s supervised release for March 22, 2022.

Calhoun failed to appear as required and the court issued a bench warrant for his arrest.

Calhoun was arrested on the warrant in late June 2022.

On October 27, a grand jury returned a one-count indictment charging Calhoun with failure to appear.

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