Nancy’s Video in Irasburg is closing after 33 years

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IRASBURG — Brien Lemois, the owner of Nancy’s Video and Green Mountain Sporting Goods (GMSG) in Irasburg, has decided to close the video portion of the store after 33 years in business.

Brien’s parents started Nancy’s Video on June 6, 1990, and currently it is believed to be the last video store in Vermont.

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The rise of streaming services and the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the business.

Additionally, some studios are no longer releasing movies on DVD, making it even more challenging for video stores to stay afloat.

At one point, the store carried over 10K videos to rent.

In a recent interview with Newport Dispatch, Lemois’ partner Trish Jones says he has kept the video store going for nostalgia purposes, and to keep his father’s memory alive.

Lemois is saddened about the closure, but proud of how much the store meant to the community over the years.

Nancy’s Video is currently selling off its old stock at discounted prices and will continue renting until May.

Lemois says that if anyone is interested in purchasing some of the old DVDs, they can stop by the store and get them at a discount.

Prices range based on title, but the store has a 4×4 bin of 50 cent movies

He also wants the community to know that the extremely popular sporting goods store, which is part of the same business, is not closing.

GMSG is continuing to grow, expanding lines, and continuing to run the indoor archery range.

Nancy’s Video plans to continue renting until around the middle of May, but will not be getting any new releases.

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