Beth Barnes elected Newport City mayor, says she will prioritize clean lake and community celebration

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NEWPORT — Beth Barnes has secured her position as Newport City’s new mayor, having received 230 votes on Tuesday night.

Roderick Owens received just 76 votes less than Barnes.

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During her campaign, Barnes has stressed the importance of keeping Lake Memphremagog clean and safe.

“We are situated on one of the most beautiful lakes I’ve ever seen,” Barnes said in a letter to the community at the start of her campaign. “It is our responsibility as citizens and good neighbors who use the lake to demand that our waters remain clean, toxin free and safe for all who use it.”

Barnes has also expressed her concern about the Coventry landfill.

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“We do not deserve to live in the shadow of the State’s only landfill which receives trash from the rest of Vermont as well as 20 percent from out-of-state,” Barnes said. “It is perched dangerously close to our most precious asset, and economic driver, Lake Memphremagog. As Mayor I will work with others to eventually see it closed.”

Barnes also says she will help promote Newport as a place to celebrate and recreate.

The City Council members elected to the two open seats were Chris Vachon, and Clark Curtis.

Vachon, an incumbent, received 368 votes on Tuesday.

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