Third suspect facing charges in Jimmy Kwik Store robbery

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NEWPORT — On September 19, 2021, the Jimmy Kwik store in Newport was robbed and $4,000 in cash was reported missing.

Three people have been charged in connection with the incident:

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Lindsay Geoffrey, Eric Lee Shatrau, and Angela Birk.

Geoffrey is accused of serving as a look-out during the robbery and has pleaded not guilty to a felony charge of accessory in the commission of grand larceny, as well as misdemeanor charges of possession of cocaine and violating conditions of release.

Shatrau has pleaded not guilty to felony charges of aiding in the commission of a felony, embezzlement of more than $100, and grand larceny, as well as a misdemeanor charge of giving law enforcement false information to implicate another.

Birk has pleaded not guilty to embezzlement and aiding in the commission of a felony, as well as giving law enforcement false information.

According to the report, a man entered the store while the clerk, identified as Birk, was taking out the trash.

Birk told police she was taking out the trash when she thought she heard something.

She stated that as she turned around she saw a man leaving the store.

Birk was unable to provide more details other than the fact that the person was a man wearing a gray sweatshirt and pants.

She also told investigators that the safe wasn’t open when she went to take out the trash and it didn’t lock.

Store Owner Mike Marcotte later reported that $4,000 in cash was missing.

Patrolman LeClair reviewed the surveillance video and noticed that as Birk walked to the dumpster near the store, another woman with a backpack was seen standing nearby.

The woman watched the man go into the store and when the man left Jimmy Kwik, she too walked away from the area.

Police identified the woman as Geoffrey, who later agreed to talk to investigators.

Geoffrey allegedly told police that Shatrau had dropped her off near the Jimmy Kwik the day of the robbery and was supposed to pick her up with his motorcycle.

Geoffrey allegedly stated that Birk and Shatrau planned the robbery and Birk instructed him to go into the store when she went out to dump the trash.

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