Canterbury, New Hampshire authorities rescue dog through the ice

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CANTERBURY — Emergency responders rescued a dog that fell through the ice at a local pond this morning.

The dog owner was on the scene and could not rescue the dog, which broke through the ice on a small pond on the property.

The dog was unable to self-rescue and was in distress.

The first crew to arrive from Canterbury used extension ladders that they placed on the ice in an attempt to get closer to the dog as additional resources were responding.

Observing that the dog was getting weaker, an additional ladder was placed on the ice in an attempt to get closer to the dog.

One department member was able to crawl out on the ladders and get closer to the dog and loop a rope around the dog’s neck.

Once this rope was secured the crew was able to pull the dog from the water onto the ice and eventually to shore.

The dog was wrapped in a blanket and carried into the adjacent home and returned to the owner.

Other than being cold, wet, and fatigued, the dog showed no signs of injury.

From the time of the call, the rescue was completed in approximately 20 minutes.

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