Deerfield residents arrested for trafficking drugs in Maine

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DEERFIELD — Two people from Deerfield, New Hampshire were arrested in Maine last week.

Police say they initiated a traffic stop in Waterboro for erratic operation on December 28.

As the vehicle was pulling over, police say they observed a passenger making a furtive movement inside the vehicle.

The driver was identified as Brandon Corliss, 32, of Deerfield, New Hampshire.

The passenger was identified as Danielle Lemay, 39.

A K-9 unit responded to the scene and conducted an exterior drug “sniff” of the vehicle and alerted to the odor of an illegal narcotic.

A vehicle search was conducted, and deputies located 25 grams of methamphetamine and 22 grams of fentanyl.

Corliss was arrested for DUI and aggravated trafficking of scheduled drugs.

Lemay was arrested for aggravated trafficking of scheduled drugs.

Both remain in custody in Maine, police say.

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