Essex-Orleans House Candidate Peggy Stevens hosts event in Holland

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HOLLAND — Essex-Orleans House Candidate Peggy Stevens hosted an event dubbed a “Celebration of Democrats” in Holland last week.

The meetup took place on September 15, at Mead Hill Farm.

Invitations to residents throughout the district brought a large crowd of voters together to hear from candidates across the ticket.

The group of speakers included statewide candidates Brenda Siegel for Governor, Mike Pieciak for Treasurer, and Sarah Copeland Hanzas for Secretary of State.

They were joined by House Majority Leader Jill Krowinski and House Whip, Mike McCarthy, along with four local House and Senate candidates including David Templeman (Orl-2 House), Aimee Alexander (Orl-1 House), Bobby Starr (Orl-Senate), and Peggy Stevens (Esx-Orl).

Musicians Gary Matthews and Eileen and Phil Baker provided music, and catering was brought in by Lago Trattoria and Eden Cider.

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