Two arrested for catalytic converter theft in Bennington County

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READSBORO — Police say two people have been charged following an incident in Readsboro that took place in July of 2021.

On July 22, authorities say they were notified of theft at a repair shop in Readsboro.

The owner arrived at his repair shop and observed a man running away from one of his vehicles on the lot carrying something in his arms.

It was found that catalytic converters were cut from a Cadillac Escalade.

Police say a handprint was located on the vehicle which was swabbed for DNA.

The swab was analyzed and DNA belonging to Jesse J. Laflam, 49, of Rockingham, was located on the vehicle.

Police allege that Laflam and Brett P. Lawton, of Chester, were dropped off at the location, cut the catalytic converters from the vehicle, and were later picked up from the scene.

During the investigation, Lawton is accused of providing false information to law enforcement.

Lawton and Laflam were issued criminal citations to appear in court on March 28 and April 25.

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