Controlled Burn in Stanstead Sunday Morning

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STANSTEAD, QC — The Stanstead Fire Department conducted a fire training exercise on Sunday morning, burning down an old house owned by the FamilyPrix pharmacy. The house was also owned by Raymond Falconer for many years.

The fire was started at 9 a.m. By around noon the building was completely down. The area was still smoldering Monday afternoon.

The drill allowed firefighters the opportunity to keep the fire contained to one area, as well as watch the way the flames spread from start to finish.

Stanstead firefighter Jason Hartley said the exercise was just a “surround and drown,” where the department was only concerned with keeping the fire contained, rather than training in any inside firefighting or search and rescue techniques.

“It was a good training experience, especially for the new guys on the department who have not had as much experience yet,” Hartley said. “The drill allowed them to watch the way the fire evolved, and we worked together to keep it contained.”

Because the Stanstead Fire Department works as mutual aid with Derby Line, Vermont, they were notified of the drill.

All Photos by Jason Hartley.

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