NCH provides update as measles returns to Vermont after six years

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NEWPORT — North Country Hospital recently provided an update following the news of measles in Vermont, marking the first occurrence since 2018. Health officials are alerting residents and providing guidelines on how to manage exposure and symptoms.

According to the hospital, most Vermonters are protected against measles through the MMR vaccine or presumed immunity from exposure prior to 1957. However, all children under age 2 are at risk as they cannot be fully vaccinated.

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Measles is known for its high contagion rate, with nine out of 10 susceptible individuals likely to contract the disease if exposed. The virus can linger in the air for up to two hours after an infected person has left, increasing the risk of transmission.

Residents are urged to contact their healthcare provider if they or their children meet specific criteria: unvaccinated, recent travel to areas with measles outbreaks, or symptoms of high fever with a rash starting on the face and neck.

To prevent spreading the virus, suspected measles patients may be asked to remain in their vehicles upon arrival at healthcare facilities. This measure is to protect others, particularly vulnerable groups such as unvaccinated infants.

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For more detailed information on measles symptoms and precautions, residents can visit the Vermont Department of Health’s website.

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