Boston police arrest two, recover firearm in South End

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BOSTON — Officers from the Boston Police Department’s D-4 Anti-Crime Unit arrested two individuals and recovered a firearm in the South End on Saturday afternoon.

At about 4:22 p.m., on July 6, officers patrolling the area of Massachusetts Avenue and Washington Street observed three individuals crossing the street.

Recognizing that one of the males had an active arrest warrant, officers initiated an approach near Parmalee Street.

As officers exited their cruiser, they noticed another male clutching an object in his waistband.

The individual with the warrant fled on foot towards Northampton Street, prompting a chase.

Officers apprehended him after a brief pursuit.

Meanwhile, the suspect holding his waistband attempted to escape in the opposite direction.

Detectives in the vicinity saw the suspect hide behind a vehicle and discard an item.

They detained the suspect and retrieved a Keltec P11 handgun with one round in the chamber, five rounds in the magazine, and a defaced serial number from beneath the vehicle.

The 16-year-old juvenile was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, and defacement of a firearm serial number.

He is set to be arraigned in Boston Juvenile Court.

Danielson Jeudy, 18, of Mattapan, was arrested on an active warrant for unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition, shoplifting over $250, and removal of a theft detection device.

Jeudy is scheduled for arraignment in Boston Municipal Court.

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