Haverhill police seek public’s help in identifying individuals in photos

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HAVERHILL — The Haverhill Police Department is requesting the public’s assistance in identifying individuals related to an ongoing investigation, as indicated by a recent plea shared by the department.

In a statement involving case number 2024-002898, the department has released images of certain individuals and possibly their vehicles, seeking help in establishing their identities.

The police have stressed that the individuals in question might not be subjects of a criminal investigation and that the release of these images is strictly for informational purposes.

Authorities have urged anyone who recognizes themselves or knows the individuals in the photos to refrain from commenting publicly.

Instead, they are encouraged to contact the police department privately, either through direct messaging or by calling 603-787-2222 during regular business hours.

The Haverhill Police Department has apologized for the low quality of the images being circulated but hopes that the public can still provide valuable assistance.

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