Wilton police warn of new phone scams involving prize claims, cryptocurrency

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WILTON — The Wilton Police Department is alerting residents to be cautious of phone scams where callers impersonate Publishers Clearing House officials or request personal information related to cryptocurrency.

According to the police, scammers have been contacting individuals claiming they’ve won second prize from Publishers Clearing House.

They insist that before the prize patrol can deliver the winnings, the recipient must purchase an American Express gift card and provide the card information to the caller.

The police department has confirmed this as a fraudulent scheme.

Another scam involves callers asking for a photocopy of the victim’s driver’s license, front and back, along with information related to cryptocurrency.

The Wilton Police Department strongly advises against sharing any personal identification or engaging in transactions involving cryptocurrency with unknown parties over the phone.

The department urges the community to remain vigilant and to communicate with family and friends about these scams.

They emphasize that if something feels wrong, it probably is, and to never give out personal or credit card information to unsolicited callers.

Residents are encouraged to contact the police station immediately if they suspect they are being targeted by scammers or if they feel something isn’t right.

The Wilton Police Department is committed to protecting the community from these deceptive practices and is available to provide assistance and support to anyone with concerns.

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