Newtown police arrest youths in BB gun-related crimes

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NEWTOWN — In two separate incidents within the past week, Newtown Police Department officers have arrested several young individuals for using BB guns in the commission of crimes, the department announced today.

The arrests were made without incident, showcasing the professionalism of the involved officers, who were able to deescalate the situations safely.

Although BB guns do not fire live ammunition, they pose a significant challenge for law enforcement.

According to Newtown police, many BB guns are so similar in appearance to actual firearms that they must be treated with the same level of caution during police responses.

The ease of purchasing BB guns online, often with minimal cost and little to no regulatory oversight, has raised concerns within the community.

Newtown Police emphasize the grave consequences that can result from the irresponsible use of BB guns, including potentially fatal outcomes.

Newtown Police urge parents who allow their children to own or use BB guns, airsoft guns, or other realistic-looking replica firearms, to engage in serious discussions about safety and responsibility with their kids.

Additionally, the department offers to take possession of any unwanted replica firearms from residents who no longer wish to keep them in their homes.

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