Shirley police warn of fly-by-night paving scam after botched driveway job

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SHIRLEY — After receiving multiple calls about a dubious paving company offering too-good-to-be-true deals, the Shirley Police Department cautioned residents against falling prey to potential scams.

A resident reported having their driveway paved by the suspect company, which initially quoted an incredibly low price.

However, once the work was completed, the price was abruptly increased fourfold.

The quality of the paving was so poor that a pinecone was found embedded in the new pavement.

Fortunately, no payment had been made to the company.

The police acted swiftly upon receiving the complaints and intercepted one of the company’s trucks, which was towing a heavily loaded trailer along with paving equipment.

A Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement Truck Team was called to the scene for a thorough inspection.

Numerous violations were found, resulting in the truck being declared out of service and subsequently towed away.

Authorities are urging the community to be vigilant when approached with unsolicited home improvement offers.

They recommend verifying the credibility of any business by checking with the Better Business Bureau or the Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce before agreeing to any services.

The Shirley Police Department reminds residents of the old saying: “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is not true.” They encourage anyone who encounters such offers to contact them directly for assistance.

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