Henniker police arrest two after drugs found in vehicle stop

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HENNIKER — A routine traffic stop led to the arrest of two individuals after a Henniker Police Department officer found drugs in their vehicle early last month.

Officer Cameron Gebo was patrolling on Maple Street around 12:49 a.m. on May 23 when he observed a passenger in a vehicle throw what appeared to be a baggie out of the window.

Officer Gebo stopped the vehicle for littering, and upon approaching the car, he detected the smell of marijuana emanating from inside.

After obtaining consent to search the vehicle, Officer Gebo discovered several bags of marijuana, totaling over three-quarters of an ounce, and a baggie of small pills believed to be lorazepam, a controlled benzodiazepine.

Neither the driver nor the passenger had a prescription for the lorazepam or a medical marijuana card.

Both occupants were arrested and are facing charges related to the possession of controlled substances.

The Henniker Police Department has not released the names of the individuals pending their arraignment.

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