Weston police warn of spike in vehicle thefts, urge residents to secure key fobs

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WESTON — A string of motor vehicle thefts has hit Weston and nearby towns, prompting local police to issue a warning to residents about the dangers of leaving key fobs in cars.

According to the Weston Police Department, the recent thefts have all involved vehicles with key fobs left inside, allowing thieves to simply press the ignition button and drive away.

Additionally, unlocked vehicles have been targeted for thefts of valuables.

Authorities are advising the community to take precautions by never leaving key fobs in their vehicles.

Police have noted that it is surprisingly common for people to leave their fobs in the car, which significantly increases the risk of theft.

Thieves seem to be identifying potential targets by looking for vehicles with side view mirrors that have not folded in.

Most cars with keyless entry systems have mirrors that automatically fold when the vehicle is locked with the key fob.

If the mirrors are not folded, it can indicate that the fob is still inside the car, making it an easy target for theft.

The Weston Police Department encourages residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities or individuals in their neighborhoods.

Anyone with information related to the vehicle thefts or break-ins is urged to contact the police department directly.

For additional tips on how to protect your vehicle and belongings, residents can refer to the attached article provided by the Weston Police.

The department is actively working on these cases and seeking to prevent further incidents in the community.

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