Granville police resolve trespassing issue with solar company salesperson

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GRANVILLE — A Trinity Solar salesperson who allegedly ignored “No Trespass” signs at a local property on June 4 has been identified and will no longer work in the area, the Granville Police Department reported.

The incident began when the homeowner reported the persistent salesperson who refused to leave the property, despite the clearly posted signs.

By the time police arrived, the salesperson had departed.

However, Granville officers were able to identify the individual involved.

The following day, Granville Police Chief Rindels contacted the regional manager of Trinity Solar.

The manager issued a sincere apology and assured the chief that the salesperson would face disciplinary action and would be barred from working in Granville in the future.

The homeowner was notified of the resolution and expressed satisfaction with the outcome, closing the case on what could have escalated into a more serious legal matter.

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