Newmarket fire and rescue crews handle multiple emergencies in morning rush

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NEWMARKET — Firefighters and emergency medical services in Newmarket were dispatched to a series of incidents Monday morning, showcasing the reliance on mutual aid and off-duty staff in a busy start to the day.

At 7:42 a.m., Newmarket Fire & Rescue’s Forestry 1, with a crew of two, responded to a call about a tree on wires on Bay Road.

Shortly after, at 7:58 a.m., a two-car motor vehicle accident with entrapment occurred on Wadleigh Falls Road.

Ambulance 1, with only one crew member from Newmarket Fire & Rescue, rushed to the scene.

Additional EMS staff from the department went directly to the accident site.

Meanwhile, Forestry 1 returned to the station from Bay Road to swap out for Engine 5.

Durham NH Fire Department provided mutual aid with an engine and a rescue truck, and McGregor Memorial EMS also dispatched an ambulance and medic to the scene.

In the midst of managing these emergencies, at 8:05 a.m., a fire alarm activation was reported on Cushing Road.

Newfields Fire Department reacted swiftly by sending an engine to the location.

However, the alarm company canceled the alarm during the response, confirming it was a false alarm.

With only two personnel staffed at the Newmarket station at the time of the incidents, the effective response was heavily dependent on the assistance of mutual aid partners and off-duty personnel.

Their collaborative efforts were crucial in addressing the simultaneous calls efficiently and ensuring the safety of the Newmarket community.

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