Cohasset police locate and aid distressed man after intensive search

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COHASSET — A 20-year-old male who fled a medical facility after self-harming was found and rescued Wednesday night following a coordinated search by local police and emergency services.

At approximately 7:40 p.m. on June 5, Cohasset Police Department responded to an urgent call concerning the young man who had cut his wrists with a razor.

He was reported to have left the facility on Route 3A and entered a nearby wooded area, bleeding profusely and expressing a desire to end his life.

The individual, who was on New York State probation and equipped with a GPS monitor, led officers on a challenging pursuit through the terrain around the Cohasset MBTA station and Spur Trail.

Cohasset and Norwell K9 units, along with Hingham Police drone operators, were promptly deployed to aid in the extensive search operation.

Simultaneously, dispatchers at the South Shore Regional Emergency Communications Center diligently worked to secure GPS coordinates for the man from New York State Probation authorities.

Roughly an hour into the endeavor, the combined efforts of all participating agencies led to the successful location of the man along Route 3A.

Despite his agitated state and sustained injuries, police were able to peacefully de-escalate the situation.

Emergency medical technicians from Cohasset Fire ambulance responded to the scene and transported the man to South Shore Hospital, where he received treatment under police guard.

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