Springfield police seize loaded firearm, arrest five on High Street

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SPRINGFIELD — Springfield Police Department’s C3 Units apprehended five individuals and confiscated a loaded firearm on Monday at around 6 p.m. on the 0-100 block of High Street, following surveillance operations addressing local firearm incidents and drug activities.

Lt. Julio Toledo led the combined efforts of the North End, Mason square, Forest Park, and Metro C3 Units, which culminated in the seizure and arrests.

The police action came after officers, conducting surveillance since about 5 p.m., noticed a group of five known individuals loitering and obstructing the sidewalk, forcing a woman with a child in a stroller to navigate around them.

Upon police approach, the group moved towards Myrtle Street, where they were subsequently stopped.

Luis Santana-Ponce was found with nearly a dozen bags of marijuana and over $1,000 in cash and was arrested.

Alexis Semprit, already out on bail for cocaine trafficking, was caught with suboxone strips and taken into custody.

Luis Velez, with outstanding warrants, was arrested, as was Wilberto Rivera-Rodriguez, who was operating an unlicensed and uninsured motorcycle.

The fifth suspect, Jason Semprit, attempted to flee but was detained on Myrtle Street after throwing a backpack, which was found to contain a loaded firearm, crack-cocaine, and marijuana.

Semprit, with a prior firearm conviction, faces multiple charges including carrying a firearm without a license and assault with a dangerous weapon.

Each individual faces various charges, ranging from drug possession to loitering and traffic violations, highlighting the continued police efforts to combat crime in the area.

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