Boston traffic stop leads to arrest, seizure of ghost gun

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BOSTON — A routine traffic stop in Roxbury by Boston police led to the arrest of a Dorchester man and the recovery of a loaded large capacity firearm early Tuesday morning.

At about 1:40 a.m., on June 4, officers assigned to B-2 (Roxbury) pulled over a white BMW with a malfunctioning headlight at 33 Woodward Ave.

The vehicle, driven by Jacob L.

Grayson, 39, had been previously flagged in an ongoing investigation.

Upon stopping the car, officers discovered a ghost gun—a 9MM pistol with a high-capacity magazine loaded with 29 rounds and one in the chamber—beneath the driver’s seat.

Grayson was arrested at the scene and is set to be arraigned at Roxbury District Court on multiple charges, including Carrying a Firearm Without a License, Carrying a Firearm without a License 2nd Offense, Possession of a Large Capacity Firearm, Possession of Ammunition Without an FID Card, and Firearm Violation with Three Prior Violent and/or Drug Crimes.

In addition to the weapons charges, Grayson received a citation for a number plate violation and a miscellaneous motor vehicle equipment violation.

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