York County residents targeted by skilled scam callers demanding gift card payments

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YORK — York County Sheriff’s Office has reported a significant increase in scam calls targeting local households, with fraudsters demanding large sums of money be transferred via gift cards.

According to deputies, the scammers are adept at sourcing personal information from open sources and use this data to threaten residents.

The scammers’ knowledge of personal details makes their threats seem convincing, coercing homeowners into believing their private information is at risk of being exposed.

The Sheriff’s Office advises the community that these scammers are skilled at bluffing and urges residents not to purchase gift cards under any circumstances when threatened.

They also recommend that any such calls be reported immediately to the authorities.

Residents who receive a suspicious call are reminded to remain calm, not share any additional information, and hang up.

The York County Sheriff’s Office is actively working on tracking these calls and taking appropriate measures to protect citizens from these fraudulent schemes.

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