Medford police arrest suspect in candy bar scam targeting shoppers

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MEDFORD — A man was arrested Wednesday after reportedly taking part in a scam involving the sale of candy bars outside a local Wegmans, where scammers coerced money from a cognitively impaired employee, according to Medford police.

On May 27, three men allegedly forced the employee to hand over his money while posing as fundraisers selling candy bars for sports teams at the shopping plaza.

The suspects appeared to be part of a larger group targeting shoppers with their fraudulent activities.

Medford Police Department officers and Wegmans employees were on high alert when one of the suspects from the Monday incident returned with an accomplice yesterday evening.

Their prompt identification led to the arrest of Latavius Martez Owens, 27, of Memphis, Tennessee.

Owens is charged with Larceny from a Person and Trespassing.

The investigation continues as authorities seek to identify other individuals involved in the operation.

Police stated they would pursue additional charges as evidence comes to light.

The Medford Police Department is actively reaching out to the community for assistance with the case.

They urge anyone with information or those who suspect being victims of the scam to contact the Medford Police Detective Division at 781-391-6767.

The department emphasizes its dedication to protecting vulnerable populations from such exploitative schemes.

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